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When will SAMRO pay me?

What’s up?

Today I wanted to talk about how long you can expect to wait before you get paid by SAMRO. I want to highlight that this information is based on my experience as a composer. Your experience may be different to mine.

I completed my registration with SAMRO in 2008. Due to issues with my ID document being too dark (I faxed my membership), my registration wasn’t completed until 2009. I was a bit annoyed that I wasn’t contacted regarding my membership. After this interaction I realized that I’m going to have to be proactive with my communication otherwise nothing would get done.

Over the next few years I didn’t hear anything from them. I wasn’t mad though because I didn’t have any work circulating so I wasn’t expect any royalties. In 2013 I started working on library music quite heavily. This resulted in me getting placed in quite a few adverts. This coupled with a few songs that we managed to get placed on radio meant that I would get a call from SAMRO. In that call an agent asked me whether my banking details were still the same. I sent through proof of account and received a payment from them a few days after. Please note that the time between my first placement and my first payment was about 10 to 12 months.

After doing some research I figured out that I had spent quite a few years as a prospective member. This is basically where you’re a SAMRO member, but you haven’t earned any money yet. Once you pass SAMRO’s threshold (R100 at the time of this article), you’ll start earning and they will refer to you as an active member. My first payment was for R300. It wasn’t much, but it showed me that it’s possible to earn royalties. The following year I earned R3000 and the rest is history.

If you registered with SAMRO a long time ago and you haven’t earned anything, make some time to give them a call to find out if you’re still a prospective member.

Unfortunately, SAMRO isn’t likely to call you if there are any small issues. It’s on you to be proactive and call them up. If you feel like you’re too busy and you don’t have time to call them, you can always pay an administrator to assist keep your paperwork in order. Clarity Music Solutions (CMS) is one such administrator. CMS takes care of your admin so that you can focus on your music. You can contact me if you’d like them to assist you with your admin.

If you have any questions regarding SAMRO registration, you can reply to this and I’ll try my best to help you. It would also be a good idea to contact SAMRO for more information where you aren’t finding any joy.


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