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Spotting music industry scams

Please arm yourself with knowledge. Recently I've been contacted by people who claim to help you put together proposals to get you signed to major labels/large independent labels. I've also seen people who claim to show you how to make money selling beats for a small recurring fee to be part of their mentorship system. I've poked at a few of these schemes and I don't enjoy their business models. With regards to the companies claiming they will get you signed, some ask for an upfront fee for submission and a further fee later. This reminds me so much of some of the network marketing schemes I've seen over the years. They prey on people's need to be recognized by offering an easy solution that bypasses the hard work. This works really well on people who are frustrated. I can guarantee that no connection worth R1500 is going to help you bypass building a solid fanbase and mastering your craft. Simplifying the process of getting a good recording contract is actually an insult to artists who have spent years working hard to build a solid career. I've had a lot of experience dealing with people who tell me they can help me sell beats when I join their mentorship group. They try lure new beatmakers in by showing them a heavy flow of purchases or some other desired metric like a large bank balance. I joined 2 of these systems and the information I learnt there is information I could've acquired for free. I have many articles written by reputable sources that take you through the same process step by step for free. Search 'urban masterclass definitive guide to selling beats' and you'll find one great exhaustive article showing you how to set up a beat selling business. I will admit that the main benefit you get from being part of a mentorship group is constant human interaction while you learn. You can still get this from many places for free though. I have a producer group on whatsapp where we share precious info on a daily. I'm sure not everyone is trying to scam you so take your time prodding and poking these systems until they make sense. There are legitimate people and companies out there but there are also wolves looking to take advantage of your frustration.

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