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Is your artist brand attractive?

We all want to work with the best. Artists and producers constantly ask where they can find the best managers, labels, publishers, etc. I don't blame people for wanting the best for their brand, but we all need to audit and note whether we deserve it. Those same managers, labels and publishers also want to work with artists who are in the best possible position to win. What work have you done up to this point that would attract their attention? 15 years ago companies would look for raw talent to work with. Your major labels had dedicated A&Rs that hunted down new artists. These days your chances of being spotted and picked up based on talent alone are slim to none. Sending a label an mp3 file with your latest single won't get you anything.

As upcomers we shouldn't wait for a good manager to get decent pictures taken. We shouldn't wait for a good label to get a song recorded well. We shouldn't wait for distribution deals to try and get music on radio. Good managers and labels are attracted to artists that have done a substantial amount of work for themselves. You can do a lot independently. These companies are in business and you are the investment. Would you risk R750K of your own money on a new herbal tea that's only been used by 50 people? Probably not. Reverse engineer what the label or manager wants to see and you'll have them attracted to you. This attraction gives you leverage and that affords you the ability to negotiate a sweeter deal. Watch an episode of Dragon's den if you want to see the power play between investor and investment. Make yourself sought after.

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