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If you keep punching the bag you'll inevitably get stronger

We all hate steep learning/growth curves. We encounter these every time we start learning something new. There's always a phase when we know nothing and our goal far exceeds the amount of effort we're ready to put in. Take university for example: We arrive with huge expectations, anxiety and a goal. The goal is usually predefined as our desired degree, but we have no idea how difficult it is going to be. After the first few trials we get weary as it's a lot more work than we expect and we start to question our capability to improve. Movies often depict this moment as a training montage. The main actor goes through a series of exercises and by the end of the scene they're usually ready for their trial. The accuracy of the training montage is spot on, but what they fail to depict is how long it actually takes to get better.

Experience has taught me that improvement involves so many facets that can't be learned in a couple of hours. People don't tell you to be patient to slow you down or because they want to see you fail. They tell you this because it's over this period of learning that you learn each fundamental aspect.

I feel like people who ask me to teach them to make beats or learn how to engineer in a couple of days are disrespecting the process. From the outside in it looks like I'm clicking random buttons and guessing with the knobs, but this couldn't be further from the truth. A nice melody or drum pattern isn't enough to make a cohesive song. My understanding of music theory, a trained ear, an intense knowledge of how each plugin/effect works in a program and an ability to market/promote a product gets undermined on a daily. I can only image how an abstract painter must feel when people say that all they do is throw paint at a canvas.

Next time you see a plumber, electrician, actor, weightlifter, footballer or coach at work, try to have respect and acknowledge that they all went through a grueling training montage at some point.

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