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How SAMRO royalties help me pay my bills

What's good?

It's been a while since I posted anything about SAMRO. I'd just like to say that I don't work for them nor do they pay me to mention them. I recently received a royalty payment from them for some work I had done for a stack of television adverts. I was grateful for the payment considering all the bad press they've been getting lately.

I've been trying to diversify my income in music lately and I've realised that SAMRO and royalty payments are a big part of that. The realization, though clear now, came after many years of toiling over beats and mixes. My first payment back in 2015 was for a measly R300 and now I'm getting more than 100 times that every year. I also realised that the trick has NOT been about getting 5 or 6 major PLACEMENTS to make it big. It's been about getting hundreds of small consistent placements that pay me. That's where the bread and butter of the money comes from. They're small amounts but they add up. Once in a while there's a decent score and I smile, but they're short-lived.

My challenge to you would be to find a way to make a few hundred rand a month from simple yet repetitive processes like getting your music placed on all radio stations. Also try to network and get your music in as many television programs as possible. This increases your chances of being asked to make more music for that programming and ultimately make more money. Make your work's as active as possible.

Start small and don't think about making hundreds of thousands of rand until you've worked to get as many features as you can. The big money will come with time, but it starts with the small placements.

Remember that royalties are one form of income that a musician cn make and should be treated as one of many sources of income. You probably won't rely on royalties to pay all your bills when you start out, but getting your royalties to pay some of your obligations after a few years isn't a far off thought.

If you have any music related questions, feel free to set up a consultation or a skype/whatsapp call with me. Email



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