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High pressure situations and the music industry

You have to be willing to go through high pressure situations if you want to get better.

Growing up I never found it easy speaking to people (more so of the opposite gender). I always struggled speaking to people and speaking up for myself during school. I also remember living in a bubble during my university years. Me. My beats. My close friends. That was it.

After moving up to Johannesburg from Cape Town, I had to pull myself out of this real fast. High pressure situations like learning taxi systems, street smarts and survival techniques taught me life lessons really quickly.

As the years passed I grew into my own, making beats and building this business. It was only after I started blogging, podcasting and doing interviews regularly that I was able to take my work to the next level. These high pressure situations of exposing myself taught me valuable lessons that have helped me grow the business even further. I upgraded myself.

Selling my work has become easier. No. Scratch that. I've become more used to the pressures of selling myself. Those high pressure situations were the reason. I like the analogy of dating. As a human, you eventually have to date someone. You can read about the type of person you'd like, think about the type of person that you'd like but none of this matters until you put yourself in the high pressure situation of dating until you find the person you like. You will face rejection, but you'll get back up and try again. The same thing holds true for any goal you have. Speaking about weight-loss or a financial goal alone isn't enough to actually make it happen.

You are only a few high pressure situations from massive improvement. Never forget that.

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