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A guide to marketing your music as a creative in South African - PART 2

Lets talk compelling and engaging content. In a pursuit to market your music you're going to have to put out attractive content regularly. Attractive content isn't always the most expensive content. A lot of viral videos are unedited and they're shot with a cellphone. Take a second to think what your posts look like right now. Have a look at the last 10 things you posted to social media and ask if you think it'd be compelling content if you were a casual fan. For the far majority of artists their posts consist of commands that they expect their audience to follow. 'Like this', 'watch that', 'follow this', 'buy this'. After some time these interactions become very one-sided and the audience eventually tunes the artist out. What's worse is that the few comments on the content are met with lazy replies like 'preciate it' or a thumbs up. This type of engagement from an artist is superficial and ineffective in creating a compelling conversation. Unpopular opinion: Artists on the come up should treat their fans like friends. I bet that if you ask your audience of 1000 plus people a question like 'what are your top 3 albums from the past year' you'd get all sorts of answers. If you're still in growth phase your next move would be to answer every comment you can as best as you can. Engage and ask genuine questions about the comments your receive. Give your opinion and respect the person leaving the comment. Each of these comments is an opportunity to engage and grow your audience. Done consistently, you'll get a good read on what your people enjoy and you may even make a few long-term friends. Another great way to create great content is to tell stories. Let your people know how your songs came about. Narrate the journey for the people who couldn't see it unfold. Post videos from the writing sessions to the studio sessions. Keep pictures from those sessions that can be used as throwback posts. You don't have to post being in studio when you're in studio. Take a couple of pictures and use them throughout the week. A step up from telling stories is letting people from your audience become a part of the story. Ask people who listen to your music to help you select the artwork or assist with song concepts. Doing this gives people a sense of involvement that can only lead to more engagement. Giving your fans a sense of ownership means they're more willing to share your content and market your brand. What I'm mentioning here isn't difficult to do and it doesn't cost any money. The only real cost here is time and as an upcomer investing this time will yield great results. If you enjoyed this post please share it. Every share, like and comment helps this message spread further. If you know anyone who would benefit from you sending them this message, please tag them.

If you missed part one, you can read it here. Regards SB +27 74 605 7360

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