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3 ways to level up your music hustle today

What’s up? Today I wanted to touch on some changes you can make to your music hustle to level up ASAP. No fluff, these will be quick changes so they may not necessarily move the needle a whole lot, but they’re a great way to get yourself ahead of the rest of the pack.

1. Make yourself more visible by opening a Google my business account and registering your business. This means that if you offer a service or a product, you can link it to this profile. When people search for you then they will get a professional looking panel on google.

2. Trigger your Knowledge panel on Google. Google ‘silasbeats’ or ‘silas beats’. You’ll see a panel pop up on the right hand side of the screen. That knowledge panel is triggered when google has adequate information on you on notable websites. This makes it very easy for people to find your official pages. It’s still worth submitting your information, new releases and EPKs to blogs.

3. Sign up and create pages on as many website profiles and social media platforms. Finding blogsites and platforms where you can upload your profile allows you to build a presence on the site. Another way of being seen more is to sign up with an aggregator like Distrokid and release some music. This will help build your profile more and it may even trigger a knowledge panel.

The goal with these moves is to claim your spot on the internet. These few tips are things you can focus on for the rest of the day to build up your presence on the net. They shouldn’t take long to finish and having a better presence means that your potential audience or customers can find you more easily.

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